Utilitarian design and code

By bringing together the disciplines of Product Strategy, Product Design, and Engineering, I create meaningful experiences with efficiency and craftsmanship.

I collaborate with entrepreneurs and businesses to build products that make cities and communities more livable, efficient, and sustainable.


Interface design

Map styling

Data visualization


Color system for visualizing map data

Urbio assists engineers in planning and designing sustainable building technologies. We worked with Urbio to develop a color palette system for data visualization that would help engineers understand their building designs more effectively. To accomplish this, we researched data visualization techniques for cartography and created a color scheme framework based on the CIEDE2000 method, a mathematical formula for optimal data visualization in choropleth maps. We also designed a base Mapbox style as part of the color system.


Revolutionizing Sewer Maintenance with Automated Defect Detection System

Maintaining the five million miles of sewer pipes in the US and Europe is a huge task. Traditionally, sewer inspection videos had to be manually reviewed for defects, which was slow, subjective, and error-prone. We partnered with Hades to create an automated defect detection system that uses deep learning to quickly identify defects in video streams. Our services included improving data visualizations and designing a UI system for a project management tool to track progress and create tickets.


Automated Traffic Monitoring System for the Department of Transportation in Los Angeles

I collaborated with Xtelligent to develop an automated traffic monitoring system for the Department of Transportation in Los Angeles. As part of the project, we worked with traffic engineers and stakeholders to create a tool that streamlined their work and enhanced their data analysis capabilities.


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